Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Soft warm yumminess...

And it's all for me!! I made Calorimetry today all for my self! (Gee can you tell I have been knitting lots of gifts lately?) It knit up so fast, I made it one afternoon. (didn't even start till almost 4PM and was done by 9, with 2 kids and a husband to take care of )

I absolutely love the yarn, it is so fun to work with. Super soft and shows stitch detail amazingly well. I used SWS in the color Natural Plum, with size 8 addi turbo's. I modified the pattern by only doing 5 repeats of the increases and 7 repeats of the decreases, to make it fit for me. I know there are some problems with it being to big for some people, and if I had done the 15 and 17 repeats like it said it would have fit a gorilla I think, LOL.

I love the way the stripes look, as well as the way they go into points at the corners. This will be my new last minute gift!!

Folded Calorimetry

Back of Calorimetry

Front view of Calorimetry

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fetching, aren't they?

:) I finished fetching! I am thrilled with how they turned out! I used Swiss Wool Stripes in Natural denim on size 6 dpns. The only used one skein which was amazing, I am so thrilled I can add these to my "one skein" projects. Especially becuase they are so stinking cute. They took about 2 days, again which is amazing because with two small children I don't have tons of knitting time. I will definitely make these again, but I think the next pair just might be for me. :)

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Friday, November 10, 2006

My first sock, done!!

Woohoo!! I finished it last night. I am in love, it is so comfy, like a slipper, LOL. Lorna's laces rock.

Next on the needles is a pair of "purple socks" for my dear little daughter.

And look at the picture I got of them today! I was shocked that I got them both smiling at the same time! Especially since he has only been smiling for about 3 weeks, LOL!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I love Knitting

Knitting is just great. Currently I am working on my first pair of socks. I can't wait to finish them and walk around in them. My mom wants to take them from me, but I don't know if I will let her have them, LOL. I am currently turning this:

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Into this!

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Here is a close up:

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Aren't they going to be great??

Up next is a baby sweater and maybe some more socks. And a hat for Dh and C. Ohhhh so many projects to do!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just keep crocheting and knitting.....

Something about this pregnancy has made me crochet and knit like a fiend. In the past month I have either knitted or crocheted:

4 baby blankets
1 full size afghan
5 small purses
4 big purses
3 Ipod cozies
a set of coasters
2 hot pads
A doily

And am currently knitting yet another bag. Then after that I plan on making a bag for Crystal to take trick or treating. Ummmm yeah. At least my nervous energy is going to good use!!