Friday, June 22, 2007

The Koigu Shawl

For Mothers Day, my mom got me a gift certificate to take a lace knitting class at the LYS because she knows I was loving knitting my Garden Path Shawl. I am so glad she did because I a) got to know the yumminess that is Koigu, and b) really really enjoyed knitting this pattern!!

Finished with fringe

Originally this was called the Gypsy Shawl by Koigu, but my instructor basically had to rewrite the entire thing, as the original shawl pattern basically made no sense.

Close up of top
Closeup of Top

It was such a joy to knit!! It starts out with a bunch of stockinette, which I modified to add the little "raspberries" you see above.

Close up of bottom
Close up of bottom

Then there are 3 different lace patterns for the bottom. The first is trellis lace, the second is feather lace and the third is little arrow lace. I don't know where my instructor got the stitch patterns, but I love them all.


And of course, my three year old had ot get in on the action again while photographing. She loves to model of my shawls!! She also helped me block it, and then proceeded to tell her dad exactly how to block things. "you get it in the sink and put water on it. Then you put lots of pins on the black thing that the cats scratch. Then you leave it alone and DON'T TOUCH IT or you get a time out."

Oh and I am well aware of the glaring error on the top of the shawl, but seing as I was about 6 inches past it and I had already ripped the sucker 5 times I decided to leave it.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Garden Path Shawl

It's done!! FINALLY!! Frickin A I thought this thing would never end. But it is and I am extremely happy with the results!

Garden path shawl

Pattern: Garden Path Shawl by (free pattern)

Yarn: Pure Alpaca from in the Forest Path colorway

Needles: Size 9 Lantern Moon

Start: March 2007
Finished: June 2007

Garter stitch shawl

Modifications: This shawl is huge. I mean HUGE. I omitted the last repeat of the pattern and it is still down past my rear. I adapted the edging pattern to fit without the last repeat of the round flowery things and steam blocked it. I didn't block the edges aggressively enough so they aren't as pointy as they could be, but I was so excited to wear it that I didn't feel like redoing it!! LOL

This is my younger sister modeling it.
Garter stitch shawl

And my 3 year old.

Crystal modeling garter stitch shawl

Would I knit it again? No way. Did I enjoy knitting it? Definitely. I have however decided that I prefer stockinette shawls to garter stitch shawls.