Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just in case...

I don't know if anyone ever reads this blog, but just in case, I actually have a new one.

Goldenbrook Photography


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Geez It's been awhile!

So some of my Two Peas cohorts reminded me today that I haven't updated in awhile. I have mostly been blogging on my new Photography Blog Golden Brook Photography so this blog has been sorely neglected. However I have knitted tons of stuff since the last time I updated (obviously) and decided to post a few!

First off my clapotis scarf that I gave to my MIL for Christmas!



Pattern: Clapotis
Needles : Size 8 Bryspuns
Yarn: BMFA Socks that Rock heavyweight in the color "purple rain"
Modifications: I only did 3 repeats to make this more scarf like. I really like it this size, I had a REALLY hard time giving it up after spending so much time on it! It took me a loooooong time to knit it, LOL.

Second up I have one of my cutest FO's to date. It is the Baby Mine Sweater by the Harlot:


and LOOK at these buttons I found at Hancock!


I am in love.

Pattern: Baby Mine
Needles: Size 5 Bryspun circs
Yarn: BMFA mediumweight in "Lucky"
Modifications: None. This is a GREAT pattern, I am definitely going to be using it in the future for my go to baby sweater. It went really fast and used just under a full skein of mediumweight for the 6 month size.

That is what I have for today to not be too overwhelming, but I have tons more projects to share in the (hopefully near) future!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Heaven is...

When I say "Hey Crystal? I love you!!"

"I love you too mom!"

"Hey Oliver? I love you!"



Monday, May 26, 2008

Rainbow Sophie

A couple of weeks ago we were discussing on Knitty the subject of knitted toys. I ran across Sophie a sweet little girlie bunny. Well I have been wanting to knit Oliver a toy, and the pink bunny wouldn't work. So I decided to make a boyish Sophie.


Pattern: Sophie

Yarn: I used the yarn from my Funky Sock Monkey kit, Fire on the Mountain and Sherbert, both STR heavyweight.

Needles: Because I wanted a bigger bunny than the original pattern called for, I used size 6 needles instead of 2's.

Notes: Like I said I upped the yarn size and the needle size. Other than that I followed the pattern exactly.


I love this bunny. I don't think it turned out too girly, and it is the perfect size I envisioned.


Adored the pattern, extremely easy to follow and I can't wait to make the next patterns in her collection, the elephant and the polar bear!!

Here is the Ravelry Link: Sophie


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tweedy Mr. Greenjeans

Well, she's done. After languishing for 3 months with only a sleeve and a button band to do, I got a push from my knitty friends and finished it. It is a GORGEOUS sweater, with the perfect yarn. I will definitely be using the Kathmandu again, it is so soft and beautiful.

Here is a pic:


What? Oh you noticed that isn't me?? Yeah, that is because the sweater doesn't fit me. Again. Third time is NOT a charm to me apparently. Want proof?

Why I didn't keep it for myself

See that? Too short in the waist. Too big in the boobs.

Now, I know the pattern has issues with being too big in the chest area already. But I also stopped nursing my son, and lost 12 lbs since I started making this sweater. The combo is a sweater that just doesn't fit me. Dammit.

However, look at how good it looks on my mom who is 3 inches shorter then me:


She also has big boobs, which helps. Takes the sting out of it a little bit. Plus her birthday is coming up, and I didn't know what I was going to get her, so I guess that dilemma is solved.

Back of Greenjeans

It really does look so much better on her. That picture of me up there? it was the most flattering I could find. It really isn't a great sweater for me. It would be fab if it had a smaller chest and longer waist. Will there EVER be a sweater that I will make that I can wear? (sob.)

Pattern: Mr. Greenjeans

Yarn: Queensland collection Kathmandu Aran

Needles: KP Harmony DPN's and my Denises

Notes: I got the buttons from Joann's. I lenthened the sleeves by decreasing down to 48 stitches (the sleeves actually fit my arms well) and then knitting 3 inches before starting the cabling. Also added 4 buttons instead of just one. Definitely a fun knit, but I am a slow sweater knitter because I always have so many WIPS at a time.

Thanks for visiting!!