Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's been awhile...

But I have been really busy!! I don't have a lot to say, last week was our 5 year anniversary, Oliver's baptism and Easter, which were all amazingly awesome. Then my kids got sick again so we have been taking it easy around the house etc. then I got sick so now I really haven't been doing much, LOL. But here are some pictures of the top down bonnet from I used 2 strands of STR lightweight in the colorway Lucy. Size 3 needles were WAY too small so I jumped up to size 5 and it is still too small, so I may make another one in the child size.

Bonnet Boy

Bonnet Side view


And then, I finished my craft room!! I am very excited about this!!

Mine and Crystal's scrap space:
Scrap room



Yarn Dresser:

Yarn dresser

Target Cubes:



Next up: I am almost done with Arwen, and I have started 2 shawls, plus 2 pairs of birthday socks. I also finished the Shetland Triangle, just have to upload the pics. Phew!!