Monday, March 26, 2007

A zoo is so much more fun...

When you have a three year old with you! We went to the Oakland Zoo yesterday and wow was it fun!! We used our new double stroller which was a DREAM to push around and I am so glad we got it. I didn't have a backache from carrying Mr. O around for 3 hours and C could ride in it whenever she got grumpy. SO FUN.

We saw tons of animals, and the zoo looks GREAT. They remodeled it within the last 10 years and it is just beautiful.

My favorite animals were the Elephant,


and the giraffe's (there were 8 of them!)


C loved the Alligator


and petting the goats.


here they are in our fancy new stroller!


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Trouble said...

YAY figured out how to use my stealth key heehehe


And have I told you how RAD your Monkeys are !?!?!

HEHEEHEHE Guess what I packed up yesterday???

Oh did you get a new dog toooo???