Monday, May 26, 2008

Rainbow Sophie

A couple of weeks ago we were discussing on Knitty the subject of knitted toys. I ran across Sophie a sweet little girlie bunny. Well I have been wanting to knit Oliver a toy, and the pink bunny wouldn't work. So I decided to make a boyish Sophie.


Pattern: Sophie

Yarn: I used the yarn from my Funky Sock Monkey kit, Fire on the Mountain and Sherbert, both STR heavyweight.

Needles: Because I wanted a bigger bunny than the original pattern called for, I used size 6 needles instead of 2's.

Notes: Like I said I upped the yarn size and the needle size. Other than that I followed the pattern exactly.


I love this bunny. I don't think it turned out too girly, and it is the perfect size I envisioned.


Adored the pattern, extremely easy to follow and I can't wait to make the next patterns in her collection, the elephant and the polar bear!!

Here is the Ravelry Link: Sophie



IrishgirlieKnits said...

Oh that is just the cutest bunny! Perfect for a boy!! I'll have to remember that for my nephew!! I could be a bit biased with that STR though :)
Great job!

Sock Knitter said...

Oh, Ness! That is too cute for WORDS!

Thanks for sharing -- I am sending a Rav message to you right now ;)

Elisa said...

That is very cute! I wonder how hard it is to learn how to knit. I've been doing Weight Watchers and need something to keep my hands busy.

Kashmir Knitter said...

Nessa, you can't make it too girly for a boy because if he loves it it will turn that greyish brown color all boy toys turn from being dragged through the dirt. :D

Elisa, I taught my mom's friend to knit while she was doing weight watchers. She took to it pretty quickly and reached her goal weight in six months! She said having something to do that wasn't snacking was a big help.