Monday, July 30, 2007

Well it resembles yarn...

I went to Lambtown in Dixon on Saturday with my mom, and I got a drop spindle, a niddy noddy and some roving. I learned to spin there, and have been practicing all weekend. I give you, my first handspun yarn:

First hand spun yarn

First hand spun yarn

First Hand spun yarn

It looks like yak but it is getting way better now, much more consistent. I made some more and plied it together and it is soaking right now to set the twist. If it turns out halfway decent I am going to knit it into a swatch and see what happens!!


Stefaneener said...

It looks worlds better than my first handspun! Glad you went to Lambtown too. Welcome to it. I wasn't sure I ever wanted to spin. . . it snuck up on me.

owl knits said...

I, too, recently got some roving to try to spin - it's a nice turquoise/green. I got an inexpensive spindle online, a book about spinning, and just keep trying. I figure when I finish spinning it all, I will either have enough to do a decent sweater or a really long, really lumpy scarf! But I'm enjoying the process a lot. I'll check back to s ee how your swatch turns out.