Monday, February 19, 2007

Endpaper Mitts

These were my second official stranded colorwork pattern. I am in LOVE with fair isle-ing!! I had so much fun making these, and they went so quick. I am still not totally comfortable with how to hold the yarn in my left hand but it is getting more comfortable, I don't know how to control the tension all that well. Anyway, here are the pics!!

Dorky artsy shot:



Inside out:


Close up: (you can see how it isn't totally smooth, tension isn't the greatest)


Project Specs:

Pattern: endpaper mitts from Eunny Jang
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, a little less then one ball of dark and light blue each
Start Date: February 12, 2007
End Date: February 16, 2007
Comments: I had to adjust the needle size due to guage problems, I am a really tight knitter, so I made these on size 3 and 5's instead of 0's and 3's. But they fit me perfectly, I made the largest size, as my measurement is 8.25. It was SUCH a fun knit though!! I think I might make another pair of these someday. My next colorwork project will be the anemoi mittens, but first I am halfway through the left front of the cardigan for arwen. It is turning out really nice, I am using knitpicks andean silk. Pictures of that to come!!


knitten kitten said...

Those are just gorgeous. Can't wait to attack fair isle myself!

Jennifer said...

Great colors!

AJ said...

Thanks for answering my millions of sock questions! :) I suppose with time and experience I'll just know how much is enough huh? Your mittens are absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you are a colorworking pro! I have been eyeing Eunny's mittens, but living in California doesn't really make for cold weather. But maybe I'll make them anyway! ;)

Batty said...

Beautiful! I'm still torn between these and that skulls and crossbones hat from Hello Yarn.

I love your color choice. Also, when you're wearing them, any unevenness is gone (and I didn't notice it to begin with...).

Ragan said...

Those mitts are wonderful! Fair Isle is scary.

Bufanditas said...

Awesome mittens!! The colors look so good together, great choice.