Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tis a beautiful thing...

I love learning new techniques. I fair isled for the first time the other day. I would post a pic but I am afraid my SP might see (you never know!) so I will have to post a pic at a later date.

Anyway, because of my success I decided to make the endpaper mitts from Eunny. (Coincidentally I have wanted to make these things from the first time I heard the name. Endpaper Mitts. How freaking awesome is that name?)

Well you need to do a tubular cast on. Eunny prefers the Italian method, but after 4 tries and dropping a stitch EVERY SINGLE TIME, I decided to try the Turkish Tubular Cast on. It is a thing of beauty. I almost want to just use this cast on for everything from now on, it is so gorgeous. :) And of course I took pics:

Straight off the needles:
Turkish Tubular cast on

In the round:
Side view of turkish tubular cast on

Close up of the bottom:
Turkish Tubular Cast on bottom

I can't wait till these things are done!!

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